Thank you and please keep in touch

Thank you to all my supporters who voted me in for a further four years in Somerset County Council, representing Frome North Division. I was thrilled to be voted in with a majority of 43%, taking 52% of your votes. Thank you so much. I must also thank everyone who worked with me in my election campaign.

I was so relieved to be able to carry on with the work I had already started or that is in progress. There are many things I have been working with the Parish Councils on and with Somerset County Council officers. We can now continue the work we started and achieve some outcomes.

It is not easy ensuring that local residents I represent actually get to know what work I am doing on their behalf. For many of you, it will feel like us councillors only show our faces at election time. Believe me when I tell you that I work every single day on council matters. The one thing I find I do not have the time to do, is to let you know what I am doing. But this point marks a change, as I have decided to ensure I keep time aside for this from now on.

There are over 7500 electors in the Frome North Division and getting information to you on a regular basis can generally only be guaranteed through delivering leaflets through your door. As you can imagine trying to deliver to more than 4000 homes in the villages and the North of Frome is a challenge in itself.

Most of my contact with the local community is through the Parish Councils; direct contact from residents; and my website. In addition, I have now set up this Facebook page to try and engage with my constituents even more than I already do. I want to use it to promote all the work we are doing here in Mendip and Somerset and welcome your feedback, your views and concerns.

Some of the areas I continue working on and supporting you with are:

• The retention of the 267 evening bus service;
• Highways and pedestrian safety issues across the division;
• To provide a link between the County Council and the community making your voice heard on issues that matter to you;
• Seeking solutions to fly tipping in the area.

Please follow my new Facebook page to keep up to date with my work.