Staying true to my commitment

Thank you to everyone for your feedback on my last blog. It means a lot that people understand my circumstances and the importance of ensuring my own and John’s health come first.

I want to try and keep you updated on the work I am doing over coming months so will hopefully be publishing regular communications to you highlighting key issues, meetings and events that are taking place locally. And also trying to show you that a true worklife balance can be achieved if you commit to it, especially if you are caring for someone too.

My return to councillor duties started a week earlier than expected on 25 June when I attended a MDC Cabinet meeting, met with two of my Parish Councils to agree priorities, as well as a local resident to help with concerns over a planning matter. I also had a brief meeting in Frome with the two Green Party County Councillors around a joint road improvement scheme we have been working on.

Committing to my promise

It was a busy first week, and you probably thing I have not committed to the worklife balance I promised myself. However, it also included two medical appointments. The first was a day at Ammerdown Centre, which was one of the days available to carers through the Adult Carers Assessment Worker, I have been referred to.

At first I was thinking it was not for me and I had lots of things I needed to do (Note to self, must commit to the promise I made myself and John on returning to work).

However, it was really helpful and relaxing. I got to try Tai Chi, which is something I have wanted to do for many years. It certainly demonstrated that time out is so important. I now need to find a Tai Chi class locally – and should read the book I bought on Tail Chi about 25 years ago!

John and I even managed to take some time out on Friday and went to Studland Bay. A beautiful place for anyone who is trying to think of somewhere to visit for the day.

I have to be honest and say the weekend was spent catching up on paperwork, both Council and personal, but otherwise not doing much else.

The first week of July also proved busy. I met separately with three other Parish Council members to discuss and agree priorities; attended Rode PC meeting; a builder and local resident to help resolve a planning issue; and finally attended a joint meeting with John and his Adult Health Care Worker.

Several appointments have been made to meet with SCC Highways officers to discuss the three road improvement schemes I have applied for. We will hopefully be able to agree how best to move these forward.

This week I’ve had two further medical appointments to attend with John, a , meeting arranged with a resident and architect to discuss his planning application, one with a member of the planning team in MDC and a Carers Conference to attend at DIllington House.

Next week is going to be busy too. I’ve already got seven appointments booked that are council related in both Mendip and Taunton, plus one medical appointment with John and two personal ones.

I guess I am well and truly back. So far I am managing to juggle private commitments with council ones. The key is to maintain this.

For further information on the Somerset Carers Service visit their website.