My role

County Councillor

I am a  Somerset County Councillor.

The role of a councillor is to provide a helpful and practical link between residents and the relevant areas of the council. When residents have any issues, they should talk to their local parish council in the first instance. The parish council would decide whether or not the issue can be resolved at local level, or whether it would need escalating to either District Council or County Council, depending upon the type of service involved. Local councils will sometimes make this contact themselves, but more often will ask their local district or county councillor to assist, because they normally know the officers involved that can provide answers and help.

This is why I make a point of attending every parish council meeting I am able, so that I can pick up on these local issues at source and give them regular updates on progress with previous and ongoing problems. I have seven local parishes in my area; Rode, Beckington, Norton St Philip, Berkley, Lullington, Tellisford and Frome, and I attend meetings at all of them. But you don’t have to take my word for it, ask your local parish council what they think.

Beyond that there are local MPs who attend Parliament.

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