Campaigns and Meetings

• Successful discussions with the general manager, Colin Miller, with the help of the Facebook messages from Traffic Action Group (TAG) members, in getting Redwing Coaches to stop coming through Norton St Philip. Because of the A36 diversion more traffic was driving through the village. Some of this was large coaches and large HGVs. Facebook and Twitter address is Norton St Philip TAG.

• Campaigned locally for the District Council elections (7th May).

• Organised a meeting on behalf of Berkley Parish Council to discuss the issue of fly-tipping in the area. Present were members of the Parish Council, Somerset County Council Highways, Somerset Waste Partnership & Mendip District Council Enforcement Officer. It was a good opportunity for the Parish Council to have their say on the problems, explore solutions to prevent fly-tipping and agree a way forward. A site visit to the main fly-tipping area was enlightening. Whilst we were there three vehicles full of green garden waste came onto the site. It was clear they were intending to tip their waste illegally. One other vehicle was about to come up the lane but one of the other vehicle drivers spoke to him. He turned around immediately and made a hasty retreat. This gives you an idea about how serious the problem has become. And costly!